Advance Program | Videos

Accepted Videos

Wednesday, February 15, 11:00–12:30 in Grand B
  • SocialMirror: Motivating Young Adults with Autism to Practice Life Skills in a Social World
    Hwajung Hong; Jennifer Kim; Gregory D. Abowd; Rosa I. Arriaga
  • MoCoMapps: Mobile Collaborative Map-based Applications
    Susanne Hupfer; Michael Muller; Steven Levy; Daniel Gruen; Andrew Sempere; Reid Priedhorsky; Steven Ross
  • A Tool for Distributed Software Design Collaboration
    Nicolas Mangano; André van der Hoek
  • Innovation Cockpit: A dashboard for Facilitators in Idea Management
    Marcos Baez; Gregorio Convertino
  • Cohere+XIP: Human Annotation Harnessing Machine Annotation Power
    Anna De Liddo; Ágnes Sándor; Simon Buckingham Shum
  • A Monkey and a Stick Figure: Stories of Remixing and Social Creativity
    Andrés Monroy-Hernández; Frances Yun
  • Incentives for Emotional Multimedia Tagging
    Kathrin Knautz; Daniel Guschauski; Daniel Miskovic; Tobias Siebenlist; Jens Terlisner; Wolfgang G. Stock

Video Co-Chairs

Pernille Bjørn, IT University of Copenhagen
Matthew Bietz, University of California